Magnetospheres in the Outer Solar System

We study the plasma environments of small bodies in the outer solar system, such as the moons of Jupiter and Saturn or the dwarf planet Pluto. We apply the following methods:

  • Numerical plasma simulations with the hybrid code AIKEF
  • Tracing techniques for energetic (relativistic) magnetospheric particles
  • Analysis of spacecraft magnetic field data
  • Development of analytical models with paper and pen

We have open positions for graduate (PhD) and undergraduate students who are interested in the physics of magnetospheres in the outer solar system and moon-plasma interactions. Please contact us for more information!

Latest News: MOSS group researchers Hannes Arnold and Lucas Liuzzo discover signatures of a water vapor plume at Jupiter’s moon Europa in magnetic field data from 2000:

Latest News: MOSS group undergraduate researcher Ben Breer publishes study on “Energetic Ion Dynamics at Europa” in JGR (Space Physics):

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  • Image Credit: NASA